Defying a Superstorm

HEART OF THE SHORE is a riveting and true tale of people working tirelessly to regain a life that has almost been completely washed away.

HEART OF THE SHORE follows one year in the lives of people recovering from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy along the Jersey shore. This film, directed by the Emmy®-nominated Cliff Charles is about coming back from great loss and picking up the pieces after any of life’s major storms.

HEART OF THE SHORE follows the recovery of people living and working at the Jersey Shore post Hurricane Sandy as they battle with Insurers, Mortgagors, and Governmental agencies. Their resilience and strength are tested as they learn that picking up the pieces after the storm is more difficult than surviving it. The weight of their burdens are seemingly insurmountable, but with the help of charitable organizations, caring citizens, community, and family, they persevere. In the end, they discover that there is always hope in the midst of the storm.